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WunderCap for TM5
WunderCap for TM5
WunderCap for TM5
WunderCap for TM5
WunderCap for TM5

WunderCap for TM5

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Product information "WunderCap"

Knead, stir and mash - the blades of the Thermomix® are true all-rounders. But what is actually very useful can still be disturbing sometimes. Especially with sensitive foods such as fish or certain vegetables, the knives are troublesome and can stir the mixture into an unappealing pulp. Until recently, the disc was the way to cover the knife to prepare food smoothly. You now have an innovative new alternative: the WunderCap. Unlike the disc, replacing the knife with the WunderCap does not waste space. Instead of just covering the mixing knife, it is simply replaced by the WunderCap. This gives you 20% more volume in your mixing bowl.

This is how the alternative to the knife cover works:
If the disc was considered a new innovation in the market for preparing sensitive foods gently - the WunderCap revolutionizes knife covers. Indeed, it does not only cover the knife, but replaces it completely and thus offers even more space in the mixing bowl. Just remove the knife, insert the WunderCap and set the Thermomix® to the desired program.

WunderCap: Versatile use
Sensitive foods or vacuum bags during sous vide cooking, which could easily be broken by rotating the knives, were in the small cooking basket, Varoma or on the knife cover. Now you have more room in the mixing bowl. Thanks to the new replacement of the mixing knives from Wundermix, you can use your Thermomix® even more efficiently:

- You can cook larger quantities of noodles or potatoes, as they no longer get stuck in the knife
- Sensitive foods such as fish are no longer involuntarily cut by the rotation of the knife
- Without the classic knife cover, you have more space in the Thermomix®, for example for large vacuum bags during sous-vide cooking

Advantages of the WunderCap over other knives
- Unlike the tree, for example, you don't have to be careful that the knife cover falls directly with the food and makes a mess, as the WunderCap sits firmly in the mixing bowl.
- It allows you to cook large portions without the food getting caught in the knife
- The biggest advantage is that you now have even more space in the mixing bowl for your sensitive foods due to the missing knife: Compared to the usual knife cover you get 20% of the volume for free.

Alternative to the mixing knife for the Thermomix®:
Available for TM6, TM5 
The WunderCap is available in 2 different versions, each suitable for Thermomix TM6, TM5 models. Just pull out the knife and insert the WunderCap instead.

It is certain that the WunderCap
The Thermomix® is a valuable kitchen appliance, so we have made sure that it is not damaged by the use of our WunderCap. For many months, the engineers tested our idea under the most difficult conditions. The material - whether stainless steel, plastic parts or gaskets - meets the highest safety standards, so you'll have a lot of fun and no issues with the WunderCap. Moreover, unlike the mixing knife, the WunderCap is not connected to the motor of the device. It is therefore minimally invasive, with maximum success.

Eating is fun - so indulge yourself! Because nothing slows down as much as the two "Sous vide cooking" and "Slow cooking" modes of your Thermomix®. Whether it's a barbecue in the summer, a duck fillet at Christmas or a stew on a rainy day, your meat has never been so tender and the preparations more relaxing. Thanks to the new WunderCap, you now have even more room for a family menu in your mixing bowl.

Strong points
- The WunderCap replaces the mixing knife
- Gentle preparation for sensitive foods
- 20% more volume in the mixing bowl than with traditional knives
- Allows you to cook large portions without the food getting caught with a knife
- Sous-vide cooking has never been so easy
- Heat is distributed evenly
- Suitable for Thermomix® TM6, TM5 (select appropriate version when ordering!)
- Made in Germany from high quality stainless steel and stable plastic
- Instruction manual attached

Please note this is a product of the Wundermix brand.

This is not an official Thermomix® product! When using additional products, please always follow the Thermomix® safety instructions! In the event of improper use of the products my kitchen workshops cannot be held responsible.

Manufacturer's warranty 2 years.