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Citrus juicer for the Thermomix (TM5 / TM6)
Citrus juicer for the Thermomix (TM5 / TM6)
Citrus juicer for the Thermomix (TM5 / TM6)
Citrus juicer for the Thermomix (TM5 / TM6)
Citrus juicer for the Thermomix (TM5 / TM6)
Citrus juicer for the Thermomix (TM5 / TM6)
Citrus juicer for the Thermomix (TM5 / TM6)
Citrus juicer for the Thermomix (TM5 / TM6)

Citrus juicer for the Thermomix (TM5 / TM6)

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This citrus juicer has been specially developed for the TM6 and TM5 and is unique worldwide!



- 70% faster: With the high speed and powerful motor, juice squeezing is no longer a sweaty job.

- Determine the amount of pulp yourself: Just switch between clockwise and counterclockwise rotation for more or less paste.

- Safe: The conventional locking mechanism of the Thermomix also protects the juicer against tampering.

- All Citrus: With the 2 different sized squeezing cones, you can squeeze anything from lime to grapefruit.

- 2 liters of juice: Never before have you been able to squeeze up to 2 liters of juice so quickly and easily in one go.

- Easy to clean: Under the tap or in the dishwasher.

Mixcover's patented juicer for the Thermomix TM6 and TM5 is the perfect addition for even more fun with the Thermomix! Just put it on and start squeezing: fast, delicious, easy with this unique juicer.

You decide for yourself: with pulp or without - just change the direction of rotation of your Thermomix.

What are the advantages ?

Thanks to the high speed and powerful motor of the Thermomix, citrus fruits are pressed 70% faster than with conventional juicers. The patented reverse function allows you to adjust the amount of pulp to your liking! Up to 2 liters of juice can be squeezed.


How safe is the juicer?

The sieve is locked by the Thermomix during use like the classic Thermomix cover. All the openings are so small that it is impossible to reach the knife. The press cones and all edges are rounded and the spaces between them are extremely small to avoid jamming.


The squeezing cones fit firmly into the sieve as desired - in order to produce the perfect pulp content, clicking or scratching noises are allowed. It is therefore not a fault or a fault.


Will the juicer damage my Thermomix or the scale?

Not at all ! The orange press was fine-tuned to the TM by the engineers at Mixcover in Hamburg. The force during pressing is introduced through the whole mixing bowl and its mechanics. The scales are not overloaded during juice. Each pushing, laying, or stirring of the dough puts more pressure on the scale due to high spikes in force than the force of your hand during pressing.


In addition to the continuous load and cycle tests, more than 5,000 fruits have already been pressed with various Thermomix devices - without any damage! So you can trust your Thermo a little more.


How can the product be cleaned?

After use, the juicer can be cleaned easily and quickly under the tap or in the dishwasher. Polished and smooth surfaces ensure quick and easy cleaning. When building the juicer, we tried to make all corners and edges accessible to prevent dirt from sticking.


Who is it worth it for?

This Thermomix juicer is ideal for all fans of the TM6 and TM5 models and also makes a perfect Christmas or birthday gift! It is used not only in leisure kitchens, but also in professional environments such as canteen kitchens, cafes and restaurants. So in good conscience separate yourself from your old bulky juicer and combine the functions with your Thermomix!


What materials were used?

The Thermomix juicer is made of 100% food grade polypropylene. Polypropylene or PP is the second most used material for food processors around the world after ABS - even on the original TM many parts are made of PP. Polypropylene is BPA free and an extremely durable material, so you will enjoy your juicer for many years after purchase. PP can be recycled very easily and is one of the safest plastics in the food industry.


What else do I need to know?

The speed of the Thermomix must be set exactly at level 2.5 as described in the attached instructions. The motor will then generate enough speed and power to extract the juice. Anything above 2.5 is more likely to result in unwanted pulp or sourness.

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