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Mycryo butter

Mycryo butter

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Mycryo butter is used on raw food before cooking, for breading by mixing directly with the breadcrumbs, in hot cooking without adding additional fat. It allows us a rapid and uniform cooking which keeps our food their color, their juicy texture and their authentic taste. Mycryo butter is a powder with "insulating" properties which preserves the texture and the natural taste of food.

Mycryo butter is a deodorized fat. Absolutely neutral taste, so that the flavor of your food remains intact.

Mycryo butter is heat resistant and thus helps preserve your ingredients. Retains the juices of food during cooking: ideal for foods rich in water, such as mushrooms and fish. Reveals natural flavors.

The use of Mycryo makes it possible to limit the addition of fats: calories are thus reduced by 50 to 70%. The heat resistance of Mycryo (200 ° C) allows rapid cooking. The nutritional characteristics are preserved.

Mycryo butter is made from vegetable fat. Does not affect the cholesterol level. Suitable for vegetarian and hallal cuisines.

NB: The date following the “Best Before” mention is the time during which unopened foods stored in suitable conditions retain these qualities.
It is important to mention that there is a difference between the "Best Before" date and the expiration date.


A 100% cocoa butter ideally used for tempering chocolate and for salted applications

With the advent of MYCRYO®, 100% pure cocoa butter, tempering becomes an easy task, simple to perform. This method has multiple advantages: 
• Requires minimum equipment. 
• Simply add 1% MYCRYO® by weight to the chocolate; namely 10 g for 1 kg of chocolate (1.6 oz for 1 lb) when the chocolate reaches the correct temperature. 
• The chocolate remains perfectly fluid. 
• Longer working time before the chocolate hardens. 
- 550g container
For salty or sweet recipe formula.